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Dalai Lama

Recently, I've begun exploring Open Educational Resources and how they can benefit my students.  Below is my growing collection of OER information and materials.  In particular, Christin Wixon and Robin DeRosa have helped expose me to this world and pedagogy.


These are some of the links I've found helpful.  By no means is this a comprehensive list of OER resources.

What is OER and how can I find it?
Studies about textbook costs and open texts:
  • Neebo's 2014 survey suggest that college students worry a lot about the cost of texts.
  • Student PIRG suggests that professors consider adopting open texts.
  • US PIRG also suggests that professors consider adopting open texts.  
    • Here's another US PIRG study about textbook costs.
OER in practice:

Abstract Algebra

In 2016, I began to adapt Elementary Abstract Algebra from Dr. W. Edwin Clark's site.  
The work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerial4.0 International License by Emma Norbrothen Wright. Chapters 2 - 7 are a derivative of “Elementary Abstract Algebra” by W. Edwin Clark, and used under a CC BY-NC license.  You will notice that the text is incomplete toward the end, and I hope to have a more complete draft by the end of 2016.  Is any OER ever a finished product?
Elementary Abstract Algebra: pdf, tex 


Below will be geometries discovery modules.  Graduate student Samantha Bergeron and I co-developed these in the 2015 fall semester.  In my MA3230 College Geometries class, we used the text "A Survey of Classical and Modern Geometries: With Computer Activities" by Arthur Baragar.  As stated in the title, the text comes with computer activities, though Samantha and I wanted to use GeoGebra as our platform instead.  We will be continuing to revise these modules during the 2016 fall semester.