Pay it forward.

That's the motto of my service.  I am most interested in service that improves the lives of those who come after me.  More specifically, my interests include mathematics, women in STEM, and the student experience; my service projects often target the intersections of these topics.  Listed below is information about service projects I've founded.

Women of Math Night (WoMN)

Description:  Women of Math Night is a relaxing, fun-filled night that provides a much-needed break from the pressures of the semester.  We provide a homemade dinner, drinks, games, nail polish, music, coloring books, and prizes.

Who's Invited:  Women in the math major, minor, graduate program, or any math class (Calc I or higher) are automatically invited.  Additionally, women who simply enjoy math are also invited, though they may have to ask to join our mailing list.

Meeting Times:  WoMN meets once a semester, typically on a Wednesday or Thursday night about three months into the semester.  Fall 2016 date is TBD.

Women in STEM Brown Bag Lunch Seminar (B2LS)

Description:  The Brown Bag Lunch Seminar provides the opportunity for women across disciplines to have a meal together while learning about each others' successes and experiences.  In particular, a speaker gives a short talk about any topic of her choosing while everyone else enjoys their brown bag lunches.  Healthy snacks are provided before the talk and homemade desserts are provided afterwards.

Who's Invited:  Undergraduate, graduate, and professional women in all STEM fields are encouraged to attend.  Alumni are also welcome.

Meeting Times:  B2LS meets once a month, typically on a Tuesday or Thursday.  Fall 2016 dates are TBD.